04 March, 2013

If I found you would you let me come and stay

We saw a lot yesterday: white sands, petroglyphs, and the very large array (Contact, anyone?).

We're into the short hops from place to place now which is great. No more umpteen hour days.

Still reeling from those long hauls though, so we spent some time in the hotel hot tub last night. And then we crashed. Seriously, nine o'clock. Old folks over here.

We're touring Santa Fe a bit this morning Christian Bale, Newsies; I'm just never gonna stop singing that song as long as we're in the county limits. Maybe I'll do a little cowboy lasso dance in an alley somewhere, too. Who knows!

1 comment:

  1. i'm loving your road trip posts! and dan's scruff in the post below this one is just too cute. what a handsome guy! i'm seriously peeing myself in excitement you're going to be back in the bay (back in the...back in the...back in the bay-ay-aye-aye!). i'll be there at the end of april for a motorcycle ride and maybe a race sometime again this summer...BESTIE TIME SISTER CUDDLESSSS!!!!!