05 March, 2013

End of County Maintenance

We spent yesterday morning exploring a bit of historic Santa Fe. We got to tour the cathedral basilica and take in the miraculous spiral staircase.

We headed over to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum - they had an exhibit of photographs taken by Annie Liebovitz of American landmarks and the belongings and homes of famous Americans like Lincoln. It was stunning. She is talented.

Then we headed over to Chaco Canyon. Navajo ruins are out there - almost a full city! - what they didn't tell us was that the last 12 MILES were on an unpaved, rough dirt road. No problem for a four-wheeler. HUGE ISSUES for Ford Ranger towing a Chevy Cavalier.

Just a little heads up, Chaco. That's all we needed. You know, just a "Only accessed by dirt road," or "4-wheel drive advised," or "Heavy Vibrations might cause you car door to fall off."

So, just a tip, when you see a sign that says "End of County Maintenance" you might be better off turning around.

The ruins were awesome, though, and the views were breathtaking.

Next stop: Arizona! Woot!

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