30 April, 2013

negative, ghostrider. the pattern is full.

I figured I would make the grand total of posts this month a whopping TWO, and maybe put something on this forgotten space of internet. To be honest, I'm thinking of taking it down, but that's a story for another day.

We've been at the Parents Herrington house since March 7 which means it has been 54 days. In that time Dan has finished redoing the front yard and has completed about half of his project in the backyard. I have taken a nannying position, let go of that position, taken on another two nannying positions and claimed part of my Mexican heritage as a cleaning woman for a family friend.

We've met with friends and spent time with family. I've been accepted, rejected, and waitlisted from law schools all over the country. We've celebrated the birthdays of my 71-year old grandma, Dan's 80-year old great-aunt, and my 93-year old great-grandma.

It feels like we've been constantly busy. We've traveled to Southern California twice since we've been back, and I went to the Santa Cruz mountains with my aunt and mom for retreat. We've got trips planned to Yosemite and Disneyland.

Life is continuing and time is moving quickly, yet it feels like things are a bit stagnant as we wait for the next part of life to start.

Nannying isn't what I want to do with my life neither is it all together fulfilling as employment goes. It's for a time and I'm bringing in some (much needed) money. The kids are great and I enjoy being looked up to as possibly the coolest kid on the block - the one who can do six somersaults underwater in a row - but it is, at the end of the day, babysitting.

Dan is helping my parents around the house and I know they (and I!) are so grateful and appreciative. Us sisters are pretty sure he's taken up the slot as the family favorite over here. It's amazing what he's accomplished in the past few weeks (and not only because someday I know he'll be doing this stuff for our own home), but it's not his career. It's not what he's been trained to do.

Some of these pieces we are so grateful for.

Family, for instance. I have accepted a slot at the George Washington University School of Law in D.C. which means we're moving back to the east coast in just a few months. With this move on the horizon and another three years of being separated by 3,000 miles we're enjoying every second we have with our families.

The meals, the outings, the adventures, the sitting, the talking - all of it is so important to both of us. It was hard being so far away from family these past few years and I know it'll present it's own difficulties as we set out to do it again. For now, I'm just enjoying the close proximity of the people that I love so dearly.

This time has given both Dan and I an opportunity to get to know each other's families better. We got married pretty quickly and were apart for a chunk of our dating relationship so our families, while welcoming on both sides, were largely unfamiliar with their new daughter/son, niece/nephew, granddaughter/grandson. It's nice to feel the familiarity that comes with being in a family - this time has provided that.

All this to say, it's a strange, wonderful, terrible, exciting, and anxious time in our lives. We have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for. So, while I fear that some of this sounds like complaints, and maybe some of it is, this is the place where we are. We're in a holding pattern. It's a place of limbo and, man, am I glad I'm not Catholic because limbo is not something I deal with well.



  2. DON'T TAKE DOWN YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!! :)