10 April, 2013

These past few days


1. I've started my summer job as a nanny to three kids.
2. Dan's been relandscaping my parent's front yard (he installed a sprinkler system - weirdly hot.)
3. We've been discussing (us), stressting (me), and looking forward to (him) a decision on law school.
4. We've been contemplating a move back east.
5. I went to the Rihanna concert (she's beautiful) with my best friends Brittany. More thoughts on that later - I'm still thinking about it.
6. We went bar hopping in the city (that's San Francisco to all you non-locals). So many tasty drinks.
7. Dan's Grandpa gave Dan his golf clubs for Dan's 30th. So sweet.
8. Family has been close by and easy to hang out with and we love it.

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