24 July, 2013

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:
>>> I'm going to George Washington Law School!! I start in just under a month and I'm pee-my-pants-excited combined with throw-up-all-my-food-nervous.
>>> Dan and I are together again! It had been almost four whole weeks. #boom
>>> We've got a new place, it's in a great location, just a short walk from the metro, and it has wood-ish floors (it's the little things).
>>> We saw The Great Gatsby on Sunday at what may just be my favorite place in Arlington (probably too soon to make that assessment). It was goooood. But, let's be real, I could watch Leonardo DiCaprio floss his teeth and I would be captivated.
>>> Our landlord is graciously putting kitchen cabinets into our apartment. We're not really sure who could've possibly survived in this space without more than the single cabinet that inhabits it now but we're really grateful we aren't expected to.
>>> I've been riding my bike to the grocery store (see below) and while the whole ride there is pretty much uphill that means that the entire ride back - when I'm lugging heavy groceries - is downhill. I love that breeze on my face.
>>> I got to hang out with my BFFs Brit and Bran before I left Livermore. We were all together. That almost never happens anymore. (+1 with the wee baby Junior)
>>> I flew first class to get back on the east coast. I'll take that warm little bowl of nuts and cranberry vodka drink. Stay classy, United mileage points.

The Bad:
>>> Dan's truck broke down just as he was getting into VA. It's still down for the count as we don't need it right now and we're trying to budget wisely, you know how it goes. Anyway, it means we've been walking, biking, and metro-ing, everywhere we need to go in the hot hot Virginian sun. Oh, the humidity!
>>> WE HAVE NO CABINETS RIGHT NOW (see above) and our place looks like a goodwill with all our crap lying around.
>>> Also, serious lack of closets here. The bedroom closet only fits Dan's clothes which is saying something because I didn't think he had that much. (Selling a bunch of clothes on ebay if you want to check that out http://bit.ly/18AleIv).
>>> My cats didn't miss me while I was gone.

The Ugly:
>>> see photo of all my kitchenware all spread out like they own the place.

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