02 August, 2013

confessions of a packrat

{This is my best "buy this skirt" pose}

With the reduced amount of space in our new apartment we have had to downsize our possessions which was surprisingly pretty easy to do. I don't consider myself a packrat/hoarder but I have a tendency to hold on to things that have the slightest bit of sentimental value. But, this is a new day, a new me. Sentimentality be damned!

We donated ten or twelve garbage bags full of clothes, housewares, linens, and sporting goods (read: the tennis rackets we haven't used in two years). I've thrown massive amounts of paper products - cards, mail, various papers. 

Through all of the sorting and sifting I found things that I didn't need anymore but I could probably sell so I listed a bunch of clothes online. Many sold, some didn't, so I relisted pieces that I felt could still sell but this time I posted them with pictures on me (not just on a hanger) - ya know, show them what it's gonna look like. Well, that worked - now there are some things I'm like, "Wait, I can wear that. I still need it in my closet..."

I've resisted the urge to pull them all out of the storage box and back onto hangers BUT this skirt stays. I saw the picture and I like how it looks on me. So there. I am still a packrat, I guess. 

I was also going to sell those shoes - also, not happening.

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  1. Don't you dare sell those shoes! They are adorable!!!