06 November, 2013

Mt. Vernon in Color

This past weekend we ventured out to George Washington's house, Mt. Vernon. We woke up late Saturday morning and when we realized what a beautiful day it was going to be, and when Dan started listing off all the fun things we could do, I decided that studying could wait until Sunday, and off we went.

In North Carolina, at least on the southern coast, the Fall season doesn't make itself clear theough color-changing trees. All the trees stay green, or in the case of the long-leaf Pine, turn instantly brown and make needle beds all over the sandy floor.

Not here. Here there are red, yellow, and orange indications of Fall adorning the skyline. While we were drive to George's homestead I was going through flashcards for class. Dan interrupted me, "Rach, look up." As I acquiesced I was greeted with the rich tones of Fall, which, I realized, I had been largely ignoring with my nose constantly in the books.

It was a great Saturday. Perfect weather, wonderful company, and a sweet house tour. Thanks, Virginia.

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