01 November, 2013

on point

Sometimes you just need to procrastinate. So, I made a quilt. A dear friend of mine that I met in Oregon just had her first baby - a boy! It seems everyone I know makes boys.

I should have made this quilt over the summer before school started. I mean, I knew the baby was coming in October, which is right in the middle of everything, but I kept holding off on it and finally, the baby came and I was like, shoot! I need to make this blanket!

So, I went fabric shopping - this is arguably my favorite set of fabrics that I've assembled so far (except for the quilt I made for my bed). I've gotten a little more comfortable with picking fabrics out and parring down the ones that I love but I don't think fit.

Then I found this great little tutorial. My friend, Mrs. Dent, who helped me make my first quilt ever, always talks about quilting on point (essentially putting the squares on the diagonal, as seen above) and this was my first attempt. I love it! It just looks great (if I do say so myself).

I quickly cut, pieced, and sewed this little quilt up and sent it to Wendy, Mark and their new, beautiful son Samuel. I love giving these quilts as baby gifts to my friends. It's such a personal way to say I care about them and their new family member.

Here is the first baby quilt I ever made that went to my bff Brandilyn and a penguin quilt I made for my manager at American Eagle.

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