21 January, 2014

A little snow day walk

It's snowing here in Northern Virginia. I believe it's snowing all over the northeast as well but don't take my word on that - check instagram. There really isn't a better time for a snow day than on the day right after a holiday. Not only did we get a three-day weekend but then this snow day made it a four-day, which makes the it a three-day work week. And that is what we call grand in our neck of the woods.

Judging by these photos you would think that maybe we live in or near the woods. You would be wrong - we live off a major thoroughfare but there is a trail near us. A trail with skinny trees all around it and when it snows it looks like a winter wonderland.

All of this and we have come to the conclusion that snow days are pretty great. They are a bit cold, because our basement apartment has a sole space heater to keep us warm, but they are days for lounging, and playing wii golf, and Lost marathons. So, hurrah for snow days! Hip, hip!

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