08 January, 2014

The Easiest DIY Ever: Clothes Pin Magnets

Hold the applause; this certainly has never been done before. Well, probably not so easily. Don't let those cute little designs on the clips scare you - I didn't do it. The Target $1 section is my favorite section to peruse because they have great stuff. When I saw those little clips (Hurry! Go get them now!) I grabbed one pack and then two packs. I mean, they were each one dollar.

I've had magnet tape in my craft box for months now from a botched attempt at "instagram magnets." That's a long and frustrating story. I'll probably attempt it again when I'm not so impatient. But I needed to use that magnet tape - I needed magnets!

School has started back up and I'm not ready to resign myself to library-living so this quick little DIY was just the trick to keep me preoccupied. Plus, they're cute. And I need cute right now.

The pictures pretty much take you through it but here's the rundown.

*What you'll need:
- $1 clothes pins from Target  (or you could be super crafty and design your own although these are wider than the typical clip)
- Magnet tape from any craft store
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors

The very difficult, expert steps:

Step 1 - cut the tape to size (I cut about an inch)
Step 2 - Apply hot glue to the back of the pin
Step 3 - Press the magnet tape (sticky-side down) onto the glue and hold firmly until it sets
Step 4 - Repeat on all pins
Step 5 - Put the cute little guys on the fridge!

You guys, seriously so easy. I shouldn't have made a diy post but, hey, I haven't posted in a while so at least its something, right?

*Is it just me or does it really suck to go to a "cheap/easy diy" blog post and realize you can't do it because you lack even half the tools necessary and the cost of the tools is about four times as much as the project? Ya, I hate that. 


  1. Great idea. The best thing about this project is that I could finish it before I lost the pieces!

  2. So true! Quick and easy :)