30 August, 2014

I'm really excited about 2L

It's great. I get to take classes and freak out about the job search. But the one actual nice thing about the second year of law school: there are people here that I know more than. They are called 1Ls. I used to be one and now I'm not. And I know more than them. It is a fleeting yet wonderful feeling.

There is one big sucky thing about 2L.

You see, in the first year of law school you are assigned to a section. This is the section of people you will take all of your classes with. There will be gunners* in you class but you get to know them. You know who they are. And in weird ways you might even like them. They are your gunners. Poor things.

In this new world of classes with people you have never met before you will have many new, numerous gunners. They will annoy the hell out of you and you feel no emotional connection to them because you didn't experience the hell of 1L with them. I spend a lot of my days glaring at these new people. And I am not subtle about it. 

Woot. 2L. I'm almost done, right?

*The Urban Dictionary definition of Gunner: "Law school cocksucker. I raise my hand just to tell my life experiences. I think I am smart but really have no life skills besides being a bigot and asshole. My opinion is the only one that counts. I am pretty sure I have been everywhere in the world. I am smarter and know more than my professors.I am in the bottom of my class. For some reason the teachers still call on me even though they know only my stupid fucking opinion is going to come out."

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