07 September, 2014

DIY ::: Spice Jars

So, like six months ago I was in Target and the dollar section beckoned me and I found these cute little jars. For, yep, a dollar a piece. {I tweeted my excitement - that's how life-changing this find was).

Well, duh: I bought ALL OF THEM. Literally cleared them out. They would be perfect for spice jars (because I've wanted to replace those janky plastic ones for, um, ever).

But, six months, and they were still in their plastic bags, tucked away into a kitchen cabinet because Law school.

That's not totally true. I also couldn't decide how I wanted to label them. Inportant decisions, people! So, add creatice indecisiveness to the list of reasons it took me six months to get my lazy butt in gear and just make the dang switch.

Well, in a moment of annoyance with myself and the fact that I had a shit-ton of jars just laying useless, taking up prime real estate in my already inadequately-sized kitchen, I was like, "Whatever, I'm going to do this and I'll just use masking tape for now. It's like washi tape, right? Isn't that hip to use?"

These are the conversations I have with myself. 

Anyway, I did it. I made the switch and I love them. They'll probably get more permanent labels later in life, but for now they're cute and functional AND they fit, standing up, in my spice drawer (the drawer I had previously stowed the lesser, plastic spice jars in). 


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  1. Yay!! They're so cute!! Now I want new spice jars.