28 November, 2014

happy thanksgiving

You know that thing, where your house is always cleaner when people are coming over? Like, you don't want to appear to be a slob, so you clean every surface, move every scrap, and pretend like your place is always this tidy? It happens so infrequently these days because we live pretty far from any friends we would invite over but for Thanksgiving my best friend in law school was joining us so Dan and I did a massive clean in the morning. What's great is that it's still clean. It feels so good to not feel guilty about that pile of clothes that sits unfolded or the bathroom trashcan that can't fit one more q-tip. Nope, it's all been taken care of. We should have people over more often.

So now, Dan is driving two hours to meet his buddy so they can watch Dumb & Dumber To together and I sit here, in the clean house and study and contemplate eating all the leftovers. I maybe had mashed potatoes for breakfast. It was a close call between the potatoes or a big slice of apple pie with my coffee, but I figured I would enjoy a the pie after I'm done with my long day of studying -- something to look forward to.

This year I'm just thankful I'm not a 1L anymore. I mean, finals are here and there is some stress but nothing like last year. Woah, boy, am I glad I am not in 1L land and I will never be there again. I'm also thankful that Dan makes the turkey every year. Hope you had a great thanksgiving, ours was relaxing, tasty and filled with great conversation and a viewing of Pitch Perfect because our guest hadn't seen it and that had to be remedied. Duh.

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