19 December, 2014

Post-finals laze

 Finals have come and gone and this household could not be happier. This was a pretty intense finals period. Like, at least two major meltdowns. Like hyperventilating, I-don't-know-anything, tear-filled meltdowns.

Dan. He is the unsung hero of finals. Actually, I'll sing it right now. That man deserves an award. I reached crazy town levels of insanity this semester and he took it all in stride. He made me hot chocolate with about 2 parts hot chocolate and 1 part whipped cream (a 1/3 ratio is good for the soul). He made christmas happen and I came home to lights draped on the walls and stockings hanging from the windowsill. He made nourishing meals more times than I can count. He held me and prayed for me when I thought I had lost 1/3 of a nearly finished government contracts outline (thank God Macs are miracle machines that back documents up more than I do). He was just fantastic. Enough things cannot be said.

If I do well this semester it will in large part due to him.

I've spent the last three days sleeping, lazing about, streaming netflix and eating christmas colored m&ms (I can never pass the big bags up. All the red and green!). I've been finishing up some christmas shopping and prep and getting ready to spend the holidays, just me and Dan, in DC. We are finally getting a tree this weekend. Dan is making latkes on Satruday and we've been lighting the menorah candles each night.

The holidays are here, folks. And I am so excited to enjoy them and forget all about admin law. If no one says Chevron ever again it'll be too soon.

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  1. YYYAAAYY!!!! I know it seems crazy to a lot of people to be married DURING college, but really, how would we do it without husbands to cheer us on?! We just finished our last assignments for our semesters and are fully indulging in the post-finals laze, too. CHEERS!!!