11 November, 2014

turtleneck sweaters

I am not normally a big fan of the turtleneck sweater. Turtlenecks in general, actually. I'm a shorty and covering my neck just seems to accentuate that fact.

But this sweater I love. Which might be more for the design than for the neck nonsense. That's probably it, actually. Also, I got this baby at a thrift store in NC for about seven dollars which in my world is a steal of a deal. I bought it, took it home, tried to wash knit wool (the worst experience ever) and have never looked back.

I feel like a 90s mom or a ski bunny in aspen (channelling Mary Swanson, duh). I'm pretty okay with it. Obviously.

Unrelated: Dan always wants me to smile when he takes these pictures. He's like "Okay, smile!" And I'm like dude I'm trying to smize here! But I end up smiling anyway because my sexy smolder needs some serious work.

Also, can we take a moment and enjoy this little pose? So catalog. Tyra would hate it.

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