09 November, 2014

Whole ::: Week Two

1. I have more energy. Not like bouncing off the walls, let's go climb Mt. Everest energy, but I wake up earlier without issue and I don't really get tired til my normal bedtime. Before, I would have waves of exhaustion throughout the day - those aren't really present this week.

2. I ATE EGGPLANT, ONION, AND MUSHROOMS for dinner the other night. And I liked it. 

3. This may not be real but it seems like, because I can't get the flavor of cheese or sour cream or cheez-its or whatever, I have been looking to get satisfying flavor elsewhere, which has helped me be more open to foods I didn't traditionally like and actually enjoy them.

4. Speaking of things I used to not enjoy: tomatoes. They are all up in my salads now and I'm cool with it. 

5. I do miss crouton-like things. I love the crunch in my salads. I've tried nuts - they just don't compare.

6. Tacos are not tacos without beans. There. I said it. I can meet you at the lettuce wrap in lieu of corn tortilla shell but for me, beans are essential. When this is all over: beans, baby. Further, I don't get why people are so like excited about Chipotle during Whole30. Like, all you can have is lettuce, meat, salsa, guac, and onions/peppers. No beans. No Rice. No cheese. No tortilla. Which, is fine, I'll eat that meal but I'm not going to pay $9 for it. amiright?

7. I got a little tired of this routine on Friday. I just really wanted some beans and rice. I didn't do it and I'm finishing this til the end but woah that craving hit hard and stayed for a while.

8. I tried two of those drink recipes I posted  last week (the grapefruit one and the blueberry/mint one) and they were delicious. My favorite was the grapefruit drank - it was just easier to make and super refreshing.

9. Dan has been so supportive. He's not doing the actual challenge with me (something about voodoo witch magic) but he eats whatever I make and this past week he made the majority of our dinners because I had a couple deadlines I had to meet. He was like, "Okay, so what am I making and what's allowed in it?" And he likes most of it, too. Although, that's not surprising he's always liked vegetables. He does miss rice and bread, etc. But he'll have those on his own when he really wants them.

Onwards and upwards into week three!

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