23 November, 2014

Whole ::: Week Four

 Without further ado:

1. There are a lot of home-cooked meals going on over here and I don't hear any complaints from either of us. I've been getting faster at prepping some things and it doesn't take me anywhere near as long as it did the first week. Plus, slow-cooker. That thing is a god among kitchen appliances.

2. I LIKE BRUSSEL SPROUTS AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. And you're like, so? But I'm like, what?! I never would have eaten brussel sprouts voluntarily ever before this. And then my sister gives me this killer recipe with bacon and I'm like, oh ya, no big deal. I LIKE BRUSSEL SPROUTS.

3. Almond-breaded chicken is the shizz.

4. In the first week I was a little so-so on the sweet potato thing and now I crave them. Like, I'll dream about them while I'm studying at school. Weird.

5. I roasted some sweet potatoes and butternut squash to go with pot roast the other night and it was good. Butternut squash, chalk that up as another thing I never tried before and now love. Who am I?! I don't even know this person.

6. I have one more day, if I'm doing my math correctly (which, let's be real I'm a law student so math isn't my forte -- feel free to check my work), and it's a little nerve-wracking. Part of me is like, put that cheese in my mouth and then the other part of me is screaming "but you feel so good and you've done so well!" It's not an all-or-nothing game, I know but I am a little nervous that I'll fall back into old habits hard.

7. I'm really glad this is ending before Thanksgiving because I want pie. That's definitely a food group I'm re-introducing. It's probably the second tier on my personal food pyramid. It goes fruit & vegetables. Then pie. Everything afterwards is just... not pie.

I'll probably, maybe, do a full re-cap of my thoughts and feels on this Whole 30 business in the next week or so (maybe not, it is finals season after all). We'll see. So there you have it, week four and I'm rip, roaring and ready to go.

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    Seriously. So proud of you. My Whole 30 turned into a...half 30...and I need to start over and recommit but like it's the holidays sooo....I suck. Those brussel sprouts look AMAZING.