20 November, 2014

My Winter Uniform

My really good friend posted a link about cold weather outfits on Facebook the other day. I looked through and, while the outfits were cute, almost 3/4 of them were not what I would call "winter-wear." Granted, she lives on the west coast so winter is like 55 degrees at worst. Over there you can get away with bare legs and a heavier coat. Those were the days.

Here, it's not Fargo status but it gets cold. It's been in the low thirties lately and will only get colder. Sometimes I wish I was a more consistent dress and tights girl, but lesbehonest, it's finals season and ain't nobody got time to think too hard about clothes.

I've been living in jeans and sweaters. Thank god, because I have a ton of them. And I would probably add more if I wasn't a poor college student (in D.C. -- can we talk about how freaking expensive D.C. is?!). I digress. My go-to lately has been pulling a sweater over a shirt (layers are important, people), stepping into some booties and wrapping myself in a parka.

Much high. Very fashion.

But it works. And, when you've got eleventy-billion hours worth of studying to do in a building that is heated to maybe 57 degrees all you want is to be warm and cozy. Mission accomplished.

p.s. I did my hair with the help of this tutorial. This is the first time I've seen a braid crown that I though my thick, thick hair could handle. This was a test run for a wedding we're going to this weekend -- I haven't decided if it's a go yet, thoughts?


  1. As the bride mentioned in this post, I say yes!

  2. I think I have that same sweater too? Are we Target twins? I THINK SO! Yes to the wedding brain, it's perfect and you're beautiful and I love every single thing about you.

  3. Erm, yes to the BRAID. Also your brain, which is very good, but in the context of that comment, I meant your braid.

  4. I tried! I was doing my hair in the car on the drive up... spacial limitations made it difficult ;) I had so much fun at your wedding - thanks for inviting us and letting us celebrate with you!! Love you guys!