02 November, 2014

Whole ::: Week One

Here's an update on my Whole 30 experience.

1. I had headaches the first couple mornings. Not sure if that's normal. Some say it's toxins leaving, others say I might be drinking too litte/much water. Regardless, they weren't debilitating, they are gone now, and I'm moving on.

2. I bought Tessamae dressing -- the balsamic version. It's... okay. I think I'm getting used to it but I am not in love yet. And it's so expensive that I am not super thrilled with the idea of buying others to try because if I don't like them that's like $6 down the drain. But, it's fine for now.

3. I'm not craving much. Every once in a while I want a piece of cheese (feta on my salad would be divine) or some chocolate (halloween sucked) but other than that I haven't been like I NEED THIS IN MY BELLY NOW about anything in particular.

4. But it has been hard to get meals going. I didn't plan well. Dumb move. Plan, plan, plan. I needed to plan some meals for the week and I just jumped in too quickly. So that meant expensive trips to Whole Foods everyday (because it's on my way to Metro when I go home) and taking approximately 1.5 every night to make dinner. I don't got time for that. This week will be better -- I already did my big grocery haul so I got what I need.

5. I actually like water, have for years, but I do miss flavors in what I drink sometimes. I am surprised that I don't miss soda almost at all. So I am figuring out ways to make little drinks with carbonated water, fruit juice or tea, and fruit. See below. Those recipes are from the Whole 30 website and they look pretty good!

6. At this point, 3 weeks and 2 days doesn't seem that much longer. It's not phasing me yet. Though I'll let you know at day 21. It might be old by then. ;)

7. I went to NC this weekend for a bridal shower and it was definitely difficult to find food that I could eat. Fruit, some of the veggies, and the salad. Though, it wasn't too hard to say no to the fried food and mac and cheese (surprise to me!) and I just steered clear of the mimosa bar because that might've been fatal.

8. EATING OUT IS HARD. I forgot my lunch one day this week and I walked into 2 restaurants and ending up buying lunch at Whole Foods (which was gross and I was not happy about it) -- waste of money. Never forget lunch again: √

All in all, good week. I feel good. I don't think I'm exuding crazy amounts of energy like some people say they experience but maybe that comes a bit later? My body does feel good and I never feel like crap after I eat, which is great.

p.s. Don't these look so yummy?!


  1. La Paloma??? That looks amazing! Definitely adding those to my grocery list this week. I'm not yet bored of my lunch sausage and apple + almond butter, but it'll be nice to add a fancy drank. Also I keep skipping breakfast...is that against the rules? I always end up eating a Larabar at like 10:00 and wishing I'd made an omelette or something earlier. The coconut cream pie Larabar is GOOD and now I keep one in my bag for emergencies.

  2. I really love the carrot cake one! I am actively trying to find a cheap food processor that I can make my own in -- there are so many diys -- because that brand is dang expensive!