28 October, 2014


So judge me or whatever but I've hopped on the clean train; I'm doing the Whole 30 challenge. I've been thinking about my eating habits for a while now. I knew I was eating too much processed food and not enough vegetables. I want to eat healthy. I want to be healthy. It doesn't matter that my metabolism lets me eat a cheez-its and diet coke and not result in obesity. It matters that I can give my body good sustenance and I should take control and do so.

So, while I could have just attempted to ease into it -- continue to eat some of the other foods and just incorporate more veggies into my diet -- I knew that, if given the option, I would eat all bread and salami and cheese instead. I decided to do the Whole 30 because it would force me to eat healthier. It would force me to find ways to put vegetables on my plate.

At this point I'm not sure I'll stick with the strict program after the 30 days. I mean, I really love cheese. But, I think this will kickstart a better relationship with food for me. We'll see!

p.s. If you've ever done paleo or Whole 30 I would love to get some recipe ideas! I made spaghetti squash with italian sausage and my own mayo so I could put it in tuna. It's kinda crazy how many things are in store bought items that you don't think about!


  1. I'm doing a modified one! Like for instance, I'm not cutting out legumes...because they make me feel healthy. And then I also don't follow the rule where like you can't make healthy desserts or pancakes out of Whole 30 approved ingredients, because why the hell not? If I enjoy a pancake made with a banana and an egg, why can't I have that? So my pancake: 1 ripe banana mashed, 1 egg, a splash of vanilla, and some cinnamon, all mixed up, made like a pancake, and topped with almond butter and berries. I also just made tandoori chicken for dinner and it's GOOD! http://instagram.com/p/tlsIlFqV3A/?modal=true I bought 2 bags of grapes, pulled them all off the stems, washed them, and keep them in a big bowl in my fridge so if I get desperately hungry, I can have a handful of grapes to see me through until I make something more substantial. For lunch, I got these spicy andouli sausages, and I cut them up and warm them on the stove top and dip them in mustard. I'll eat one of those with an apple + almond butter, grapes, and a cutie...or sweet potato fries, YUMMMM. Trying not to burn out on sweet potatoes too early in my month. On Sunday I think I'm going to make these disco fries, step 1: http://instagram.com/p/syGL3kKVxY/?modal=true Step 2: http://instagram.com/p/syT4hPqV0r/?modal=true Step 3: http://instagram.com/p/syf1CeqV2A/?modal=true That Whole30recipes Insta is SUPERhelpful even though some of the recipes are way too fancy for my lazy self. AND SPEAKING OF MY LAZY SELF: lazy girl's whole 30: http://laurenhartmann.com/2014/07/the-lazy-girls-guide-to-the-whole30.html
    ..................HOW ARE WE NOT TEXTING ALL DAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS BTW. I'm like a skinny fat girl. I'm slender, but I eat soooooo much crap and I don't feel good and I'm starting to get chubby chubby love handles and i want to change it all. My #1 goal was just to not instagram 7,000 sweet potatoes/gross-looking recipes. So far so good...but I'm only on day 3. YOU CAN DOOOOO IT! HANG IN THERE. I miss Cheez-its and bread so much.

  2. I didn't know you were doing it!! I think that rule about not making healthy desserts is silly, too but I also haven't read the book so maybe they explain it more fully in there? The only basic rule I'm not following is the 3 meals a day / no snacking thing. I'm going to eat if my body tells me to! Duh.

    These recipes look amazing! I made baked sweet potato wedges the other night and that was my first foray into that world. I didn't love them but I didn't hate them so progress! I'll have to try this - also, Larabars. I just ate the carrot cake one and it was so good! Now I have to buy myself a food processor to make the knock-offs because those things are expensive!

  3. You should check out @darcieats and @jennaskitchen on instagram for recipes! I went to high school with @darcieats and she posts pretty clean meals frequently (with recipes on her blog). Her older posts have whole30 compliant meals. @jennaskitchen also has whole30 compliant recipes and meals, but mostly in her older posts, if you have time to look back (thats a joke... because: law school). Also, I miss you.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I've been using Lexi's Clean Eats, too! Miss you more. Let me know when you guys decide to come visit DC ;) It's been too long!