23 December, 2014

on break

Today has been a day for a Katharine Hepburn marathon, quilting, and tree admiring. If I had it my way the tree would be lit twenty-four/seven but energy saving and fire risks, etc., we don't leave it on while we sleep. So, instead I turn it on the minute I wake up and that seems to work just fine.

Christmas is the best time and I am so excited by the gift Dan is getting this year, I just can't hold it in. Good thing we get to open presents in two days otherwise I might just tell him by accident and that would spoil it because I am hoping that he is surprised. The man is hardly ever surprised and it would be nice, just once, to get a burst of emotion out of him due to something truly unexpected.

I've been putting off researching my stinking note for school and I know I'm going to pay for it but its much nicer to make food, and sew, and watch movie after movie. I wish I could say I am catching up on pleasure reading but even that hasn't made the to-do list yet.

Back to Katharine Hepburn. I was watching Little Women and I realized, it doesn't matter which version I watch I always want to kick Jo March for not choosing Laurie. I always wondered if I was only partial to him because I first met him as played by Christian Bale, but no, I like him even as played by Douglas Montgomery and I hate Professor Bhaer.

Maybe if they ever used a more attractive man. The accent plays to his favor but they always choose the most... unattractive men. Well, that's not entirely fair. Gabriel Byrne is somewhat distinguished but I've just always found Bhaer so snivelly (not a word - go with it). Which, some would disagree and say that Laurie is more moony but he also goes after what he wants. He should have stuck with Jo. And here ends my diatribe on Little Women.

Guys, break is glorious. Trees and presents and overthinking classic films (never read the book, I know, I know, I should). This is my life for a couple more weeks and I am relishing every second.

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