09 March, 2015

Vegas, baby, Vegas!!

Errybody on my Facebook was like "Woo! Spring Break in [bahamas/mexico/so cal/vegas]!!" And I was just here lounging in leggings and hanging on my couch. But, to be honest, it was bliss. Law school and interning take it out of me. It's been pretty great having no big plans and no where to be. Needless to say, I didn't go to Vegas.

My Spring Break in a nutshell:

(1) I started {and finished} House of Cards, season three. No spoilers, but I liked it better than season two though the end was kinda daytime soap, ya know?

(2) Attended my first ever Soul Cycle class. My first ever spin class, really. It was intense. And loud. And fun. My bff here does it all the time and she is so good at it. I, apparently, can barely keep a beat going. No wonder I never took to dancing. 

(2) I finished a crafty project I'd been slowly working on for a month. I'll share more deets lata.

(3) Houston has this horrible thing going on under his chin which I just noticed - I'm probably the worst cat mom. He didn't appear to be in pain but it looked gross. Took him to the vet, which he hated, but we got him some meds and some ointment and I think he's gonna make it. Poor guys has to deal with two-a-day face washes but once a day he gets a pill in a salmon flavored pill pocket so we're gonna call it even. 

(4) SNOW DAY!! Thursday was a snow day!! Which means Dan got to stay home with me all day

(5) Dan was like: "Let's celebrate Purim." And I was like, "I'm down to party." Usually our recognition of Jewish holidays is limited to eating latkes and lighting the menorah during Hanukah but I'm always down to expand my cultural experiences. Dan's mom sent this really sweet story about her memories celebrating Purim with family down in LA. Carrying on traditions is fun. I made hamantaschen (the chocolate rum kind) and they were de-lish. Also, my first box of wine. So, there's that.

(6) On Friday I looked at Dan and said, "We should do something this weekend. It is Spring Break. I should do something." "Sure, what do you want to do?" Dan asked. "Well, I don't know. Something." I replied. So, the Planetarium it was. And drinks after, of course.

(7) I had two Skype dates this week. One with a friend from California and the other with a friend in Norway. I love catching up with people and need to do it way more often.

(8) I made paleo pancakes. I think I nearly perfected it by the end there.

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