14 March, 2015

A quilt for Norge

Another dear friend is having a baby! They live in Norway so this is the furthest I've ever sent a quilt. I'm pretty excited about having a well-traveled quilt in my repertoire. 

This is the first baby girl I've ever had the pleasure of making a quilt for. All my other friends appear to breed only boys. Which, I mean, I love baby boys, of course, but as one of four daughters there is a special place in my heart for little girls. I don't know. Can't explain it. I'm just plain excited for them!

Audrey has an awesome color scheme going for the baby's room. Unfortunately, I knew the room was going to feature lots of color but I had to buy the fabric before I knew exactly what her color palette was going to be (I guessed off of those camping prints that I had seen her post previously). Oh well, the backing of this quilt is neutral so it won't be a big deal and it can always be used for picnics and laps and whatever. 

I just loved making this quilt. It was the first time I'd ever used triangles. Not triangles made out of squares. I think the colors turned out nice with each other (that was a crapshoot too because I ordered the fabric on fabric.com and couldn't see it all in my hand before the fact). This was my inspiration for color and style though I chose isoscoles triangles instead. I love the binding. I went with a stripe and I think it is a nice contrast. 

It's pretty large. Measuring at about 45x60+ inches (if I remember correctly). The largest one I've quilted myself, for sure. I'm hoping the Hazelnut gets use out of it for years to come!

Also, my cats helped: 

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  1. RACHEL. YOU TRANSCENDENT LITTLE SEAHORSE.(only a Leslie Knope compliment would do here). This is so, so beautiful! I'm so impressed by you. Like "Oh yeah, I'm in law school, lemme just pick up this hobby that requires intricate math skills coupled with stunning artistry ON THE SIDE." I know Audrey is going to treasure this forEVER. We love Joony's quilt so much and every time I get it out I think about all the love and time you put into it. You are a once in a lifetime friend.