09 January, 2017

Well, look who just caught up.

It's practically defunct over here but this blog's not going out without a Zombieland-esque Bill-Murray-Death-Sigh-scene, so let's get on with it.

Some major events in the last year (year, guys. yikes.):

1. I graduated law school. That was a good one

2. I moved to Los Angeles so Dan and I could finally live like real married people again. 

3.  We survived me studying for and taking the California Bar exam. And by survived I mean I ate all the mac and cheese and drank all cab sauv I could find. 

4. The Herrington-Xep circus took Disneyland which was pretty epic because we hadn't all been there since 2009.

5. My favorite jeans busted on the inner thigh - the ultimate jean death knell. Because, of course. And I'd only had them for like 18 months. But to be fair, I wore them like 4-6 times in a week. Those poor seams just couldn't take it. 

6. Dan and I went to Scotland and Ireland in August and I am still trying to figure out ways for us to move to the Highlands because I want to die there someday, but not before I've lived there. I read Outlander before we went on the trip and all of my Sassenach dreams came true (praise hand emoji). 


8. I got a job working for a firm based in Seattle which moved us one step closer to our Pacific-Northwesterner-wannabe dreams. But for now, still in Los Angeles and working that remote-job life. 

9. I started training for a half-marathon and proceeded to make everyone train with me (aunt, dad, sister, sisters boyfriend, long-lost cousins, sister-in-law... basically I'm needy and require lots of motivation). Fun fact - that is likely only fun for me - I've run over 90 miles since November in preparation for this race. 

P.S. I've been using this training plan and I really like it so far! I printed it out put it on my fridge door. 

10. My cat had some digestive/health issues and began pooping EVERYWHERE. We got him help and he's physically better now but will not stop pooping on my kitchen floor. Seriously, I love that cat but he's an asshole. 

{yeah, he's a jerk but he's so handsome}
So, that's our year 2016 in a nut-shell. Here's to hoping the Republic doesn't burn to the ground with the new spray-tanned administration. Happy New Year, America!

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