10 January, 2011

I want

Being snowed in at home is good for two things: online shopping/browsing and napping. I just took a long nap with a terrible dream that I couldn't get out of and I woke up with my heart pounding and I felt like I would cry. However, all is better now -- the dream is not reality. But online shopping is oh so real. Not that I can buy anything right now because we still need to get me a car. All we want is a cheap clunker that I can drive around town for the next two years but it seems that is harder to come by than we thought. So this is my dream list right here -- only three things that I want really badly right now:
I desperately want a pair of rain boots. I love these Hunter boots in green but they are $125 new, ouch! The black pair  which I think look super sleek are Jeffrey Campbell and $80 -- not sure which I would prefer more, I like both for different reasons -- any opinions?
This camera makes me drool. Really any SLR makes me drool -- but after looking into a few I feel like I really like the Nikon D300. However its a wee bit expensive coming in at over $1000 which for a professional camera is not that bad but for a starving student and her 1st Lieutenant husband... it will have to wait. 

And last, I have wanted a cute trench coat for a while and this one is actually on sale -- London Fog at Macy's -- for $100. Again a little pricey but this is my snow-day-dream-list okay!? 
I think I am going to go bake some chocolate chip cookies and eat some for dinner. Because I am alone for the evening and that is what I want to do. :)

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