10 January, 2011

snow day!

I think I was misinformed because I thought I lived in The South. The place that birds fly to in the winter because it is supposed to be warm. Wrong. It is snowing. So much snow that my orientation is cancelled. Not that I was smart enough to check my e-mail last night because if I had checked my e-mail I wouldn't have woken up at 6:30 to be out the door by 7:30 to walk in the snow, for which I am still ill-prepared, until this nice UNCW police officer pulled over to ask if I wanted a ride to Burney Center, where I met some cool new transfer students who also were unfortunate enough to have neglected their e-mails and so we waited. We watched the snow fall until some sweet young girl with her new-age smart phone checked her e-mail and it said "Orientation Schedule Change." We dispersed quickly as no one wants to be outside right now -- they all to their cars and I started my walk back home. It's not a long walk and luckily I was smart enough to wear boots and now I am home. My husband, who went to work this morning, is driving (slowly and carefully) to his friend's house, close to the base, to wait out the storm. The base was shut down but not early enough that he didn't have to drive all the way out there. I don't think they know how to deal with snow (which is promising because that must mean it doesn't happen often). These snowflakes are HUGE. Anyway, all that to say, the snow sucks because it came on the day when I was going to register for classes, lame (but pretty).
snow in parking lot - snowflakes & tree - Houston, not pleased - school covered in snow - the flower was already dead.


  1. Should have moved to Florida: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/weather/01/12/snow.states.irpt/index.html

  2. Ha! I'm thinking about going south for the winter next year.