08 February, 2011

Queen of Hearts.

Sweater/T-shirt: Target, Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Payless, Tights: H&M, Belt: Payless
Whenever I wear this skirt I get the greatest compliments and the funniest stares. People either love it or think it's weird, luckily I love it. 
Yesterday I got a text from a really cute guy asking me to go out and celebrate with him. All charges against his client were withdrawn, which in lawyer-speak means: woohoo! One less guy to defend! (fist pump). We went out for drink/s (singular for me, plural for him -- we drink responsibly) at the Carolina Alehouse and just talked and made each other laugh AND I learned that while on the college track team at UC Santa Cruz, Daniel ran a 4:50 mile! WHAT!? Hottie was fast. The best mile I've ever run was like  a 7:45 and I was fourteen, yep, I peaked at fourteen. Seriously, when he told me, I didn't believe him at first -- I mean that's fast! Anyway, you learn new things everyday and I hope I am still learning little facts about Daniel when we've been married for fifty years. 
I have to get a tetanus shot today. I hate shots. I better get a lollipop out of the deal. Or at least a sticker. 

That highway sign hangs over the entrance to AleHouse and every time I see it I think, "ya let's just do it. We'll be home in a couple days..."
Why my man is the best man #5:
He is really smart and when I asked him to read the two books required in my research class with me so we could discuss them, he totally said yes. Plus, he loves having discussions with me on political things, because he thinks I am smart too. 


  1. Married to a lawyer? Nice! ;) I heard there are only 3 people you need as friends, a lawyer, a mechanic and a doctor. So if you know a doctor and a mechanic you're set :)

  2. Personally love the skirt, actually the whole outfit!

  3. Dan's cousin is graduating from med school this May and Dan is also very handy at mechanical-type-things. I am set!

    Brooke, Thanks! This skirt is probably one my favorite things that I own.

  4. i love your skirt. i love your posts. i love that you're in love.

  5. Hey fellow remixer- I am in the LOVE category on this skirt! I really love anything at Anthropologie! Cute story- when I first read it I was thinking wow she knows a lot about this cute guy and he let her take a picture of him on the first date! Then I saw that you're married- doh!

  6. Bran, I love you!

    Tiaras, i love anything from anthro as well, it's a sickness. And, I just pulled the bait and switch on you -- but he probably would have let me take a picture on our first date too!

  7. Oh man I love that skirt! :) When you're done re-mixing it feel free to offer it up to others to do the same. LOL. It's so quirky cool - maybe I'll do an ebay search on it.

    You know what else I love? That you are in an amazing stable relationship and still refer to other boys as cuties or hotties. It's refreshing.

  8. Haha! maybe i'll do a temporary swap on the skirt... maybe ;)
    Aaannnd oops. Cutie and Hottie both refer to my Daniel, probably should have clarified that! lol.

  9. Oh my goodness, what a great outfit. Love it, from head to toe. You look fantastic.

  10. Personally love the skirt, actually the whole outfit!