21 March, 2011

counting my blessing

I've received A's on the last three essays I've turned in. This is attributed to many factors (including the fact that I seem to attract English major friends who edit my work before I turn it in) but I think the main reason I've succeeded as well as I have this semester is due to Daniel. Don't get me wrong, I am taking credit for my hard work. I put in so many hours reading all the books that are assigned and drafting and redrafting the papers I am writing, I take copious amounts of notes -- I put in a lot of effort. For the first time in my college career I am able to fully focus on being a student. For the past three plus years that I have been attending school I have been working multiple jobs, volunteering, and just being the type-A, multi-tasker that I am. Since moving to Wilmington I have been frustrated by the fact that I don't have a job. Dan works. I don't. Except for that month I worked at F21. But, whenever I complain about not working and contributing towards our financial needs Dan softly shakes his head, takes my hand and tells me it's alright. He reminds me that I am a student and right now that's our number one priority for me. That by doing my best and working hard I'm securing an amazing future for us. He is always ready and willing to drive over to the coffee shop on the weekends and hunker down for hours on end while I research, read, and study. He is constantly encouraging me and challenging me to do better. He is my partner and he is doing this with me. So babe, this entry is for you -- you inspire me daily. I love you. 


  1. awwwwww..... :) this entry makes the cookies in my heart melt!

  2. aw, thanks :)