20 March, 2011

whatcha readin?

Daniel and I were at Barnes & Noble* after church today studying, as per usual, and on my way back from the ladies room I stumbled upon this little section. Now, far be it from me to ever judge what anyone is reading, because I honestly don't care what you're reading I'm just glad that you're reading but, wow, I didn't realize there was a whole genre now. Jumping on that Twilight money train, eh? But seriously there are tons. I'm pretty impressed at the growth of the teen novel industry, it seemed like only the choices I had as a kid were Babysitters Club, Boxcar Children, and Sweet Valley High. Oh, and my moms awesome collection of original Nancy Drew books.

*shortly after I took this picture I was informed that there was no photography allowed and could I please delete the photograph. So, while he stood there I deleted the photo on the screen -- he walked away satisfied and I walked away with the other four photos I had snapped. I am such a rebel.


  1. Barnes & Noble is our favorite date spot. And I love your blog font. And I love that you kept the other photos. :)


  2. We LOVE B&N -- frequent it all the time.