25 March, 2011


True confessions: I took these pictures. by myself. outside. this morning.
 Tri-pod and everything. 
Oh boy. It took all of my guts. I was a little nervous people might see me and think I was narcissistic, or worse, weird. But, then I realized I don't know anyone in my apartment complex and unless they are really forward people and would come up to me to tell me just how odd they thought I was, I think I am safe from any judgement on their part -- at least to my face. Behind my back, who knows what they could be saying, "Did you see that girl taking pictures of herself behind KMart? Crazy." 
Yep, we have a fabulous view of KMart's butt from our balcony. 
Prime real estate. Jealous?
Alright, back to the point of why I took a picture of my outfit, since I am not a consistent fashion blogger. I finally wore this blazer. I bought it at Target for $15 back in December and wore it that night out with Dan's family, felt pretty sexy. But ever since then I have not been able for the life of me to figure out how to style it on my body. I've seen the same exact blazer on a few other lovelies and I just chalked it up to my short, curvy body that doesn't seem to appreciate the concept of a straight line. But today. Today I decided to pair it with some leggings and an oversized shirt dress (that I'm pretty sure I could wear into the eighth month of a pregnancy) and I really liked it. So, here I am sharing, because I am a sharer -- I share. 
Oh! and I think I'm getting better at the blogger-bun, up-do thing. This probably has less to do with any actual improvement on my part and more to do with the inevitable lengthening of my hair that I have been patiently waiting for these past few months, but I'll take it. And someday, someday, I will be able to do this, so chic. 


  1. I have that shirt :)
    And I agree, taking photos of yourself is stupidly awkward when people could be watching. If I take them in my back field the neighbours can see me, but not the tripod, so I just look like I enjoy standing in a field smiling.

  2. Katherine BecksteadMarch 25, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    you are sooo cute it kills me! love your outfit girl, work that blazer.


  3. DANNNNG girl! you look FLY! i've been coveting that blazer forever. i wish we lived close enough to clothing swap ::sob:: really, though...the bun, the blazer, the flats, the leggings...it just works.

  4. I love the idea of your neighbor seeing you just smiling at the field, so happy with your backyard :)

  5. Thanks lovely!

  6. let's do a mail clothing swap k?

  7. cute cute cute! I love the blogger bun! Did you do you photo edit in iphoto? I like the way the picture came out, very fashion blogger.

  8. Thanks! I did some minor editing in iphoto but the rest in my photobucket account! :)