23 April, 2011

agua para los elefantes

Date Night! Actually, every night seems like date night. Even when all we do is make dinner and watch a movie or play scrabble. Last night we went to see Water for Elephants. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. But here are my thoughts in a nut shell: 
1. The infidelity aspect of Marlena and Jacob's relationship seemed much more apparent in the movie than in the book. 
2. I hate any form of animal brutality and those parts brought tears to my eyes.
3. Marlena's clothes are awesome and I want them. 
4. I had never been to the circus before (I don't think) and it was spectacular. 
5. The book, as always, was better. But they gave it a fair shake, and it was still fun to watch. Especially when the Elephant does tricks. 

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