21 April, 2011

Eggplant Steaks

It's what's for dinner. Dan really wanted to try eggplant steaks, again I was switzerland because I'd never even tasted eggplant in my life. Ever. Aside from the few mistakes that we learned from (ex. don't marinate them overnight, they will get soggy), they were actually pretty good. I don't think I'll be giving up corn-fed Iowa beef for a purple vegetable, but I was pleasantly surprised by this meal. I like the skin the best. The only major downside was that about 40 minutes later I was hungry again. Which is unfortunate becaues I was legitimately full when I left the table, like, could not have put another bite in my mouth, it would come back out, full. So, maybe we need to find some more satisfying vegetables. I never feel hungry after eating filet mignon. At least, not until the next meal time comes around. 

In other news, I had to go out to the base yesterday to take him home after to a pre-op appointment for his lasik. I got there early so we could register my car at the base. We were meeting at the visitors center and just before you go in there is a huge sign with information on what you need as a visitor to come on base and who is not allowed on base at all. My favorite reason for denial of access was "is on the national terrorist watch list." All I was thinking was, if they want to get in they probably wouldn't use the front gate. 

p.s. Bossypants by Tina Fey is making me laugh out loud. If you haven't read it, get it. 


  1. LOVED bossypants!!

  2. Me too! Her voice is hilarious and she makes me want to watch 30 Rock. Which I think was the point of the book ;)

  3. So, I just read your Water for Elephants post and I was SURE that said Elephant Steaks when I first saw it.