11 April, 2011

fun with my ma-in-law

Since Dan and I had somewhat of a whirlwind romance I didn't get to know his family too well before we got married. Luckily, I got to spend some quality time with Lisa (coincidentally, our moms have the same first name) while Lisa and Scott were in town. We went antique-ing and had a great time. What's better than bonding over fantastic furniture and awesome old artifacts? Not much. And, to top it all off she got Dan and I some house warming gifts. We got that awesome picnic basket, the weather has been so great lately I've been dying to take a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers and lay out at the park by the pond, sounds perfect to me! We also got that sign with the different measuring utensils on it, it's in French (so I don't understand any of it) and so cute and fits right above our kitchen sink. Lisa found some awesome trinkets too -- including an adorable French tea pot with a hot air balloon on it.  We have so many antique shops here, I can't wait to go back! I also got that awesome cameo necklace. Bonding + great finds = wonderful day with my mother-in-law. 

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