01 April, 2011

he can't see without his glasses

Dan is getting lasik eye surgery some time in the next few months. No, we're not loaded, it's free through the Marine Corps. Well, obviously not free, I mean someone has to pay for it, just not us. And we Burkharts, if there is one thing we love it's free stuff. Though we are rather suspicious as to the quality of said free things, it's a tough line to walk. But somehow, we do it. Last night we took a walk down memory lane and Dan showed me some of his old glasses. Let me just tell you, my husband did the nerd look before the nerd look was in. Yep, that's right. He is the hippest of hipsters. I was just as surprised as you. Surprised and very attracted to the man in the square-rim glasses. By the way, boy is blind. But I think I may have the glass replaced without prescription (20/20 baby) so I can wear them on a daily basis. And look cool, but not as cool as husband, the hippest of all hipsters.


  1. those glasses are AWESOME! i can't decide who looks hipper/cuter in them...i love it!

  2. ha! me! obviously... well he does look really cute :)