12 July, 2011

gone country

There was a time when all I listened to was country music. My tastes have changed since high school (which is evident not only by my taste in music but also by my taste in men) but since moving here to North Carolina I have been tuning my car radio to one of the only stations that comes in clear, country. Luckily, this station seems to favor the country songs that were playing when I was in high school over the more recent country tunes. On my drive home from work the other morning Alan Jackson's "Remember When" came on and, for real, it practically brought a tear to my eye. Which, to be honest, isn't surprising because music moves me quite often and there are times when lyrics speak to me enough to choke me up. But I can't tell you that I ever have been moved to tears by a country music song. I've heard this song a million times before, and maybe it's the fact that I am in love and happily married, but for some reason the lyrics got to me. What Dan and I have is so young and fresh and new still and I can't even begin to think what our remembrances will be. It's scary to think that we can hurt each other or that our love might not be as strong as it is now. It's also exciting to think that our love will be stronger than it ever has been and that we will look back on our life together and remember the awesome moments yet to come. Hearing the story of a love that has lasted for years, through the good and the bad, makes me even more excited about our future. 
But, yea, I'm probably just some love-sick yuppy who tears up at love songs. Never thought I would be that girl. Did not see that one coming. 


  1. Brandilyn HaynesJuly 12, 2011 at 4:33 PM

    yesterday i started (literally) sobbing during the drive to idaho falls because that song about the kid watching the dad came on...where the dad calls the kid buckaroo and the kid wants to be just like his dad? yeah. i feel ya.

  2. Aww. Ya, we're suckers. ha! glad to know I'm not the only one.