23 August, 2011

pictures or it didn't happen


One of my very good friends lives in Norway, so when I saw this article on BBC I was excited to read more about the beauty of her new home (though she does a great job of that on her own, see here). The one line that stuck out to me, though, was, 

“Don’t take a camera, and don’t post about it on Facebook – just climb a hill or do a walk, and keep the experience for yourself.”

I love that. It seems like everything we do needs to be publicized. We have this need to say "I did this" and, "look at me here!" When really, the focus should be on enjoying where we are in the moment and not who will acknowledge it later. I am so guilty of over-sharing. We live in a society of exhibitionism and I am a part of it. But I hope that I am always aware and appreciative of what I am doing when I am doing it.

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