21 October, 2011

pretty little things

MMmmm. The Marine Corps Ball. It's quite possibly my favorite part about being married to a Marine. 
Not so much for the Ball part, we don't really know anyone that goes, but because I get to buy something pretty.
I love pretty things. And this one, well, I liked it when I ordered it but I LOVE it now that I have it in person. 
Seriously, I feel like Kate Middleton in this dress. And who doesn't want to feel like the hottest woman on British soil? The answer you're looking for is no one. 

p.s. Do princesses change their last names? Does she go by Middleton anymore? If I were her I'd demand that everyone call me Duchess. Just for kicks. 

1 comment:

  1. RACHEL IS SMOKING HOT!! hooooot dang, duchess! you look fiiiiiiine!!