16 April, 2012

balcony bistro part i

I got it into my head to create a little balcony garden. This came at a fantastic time when procrastinating on all my final papers is exactly what I want to do. I started stalking the furniture page on craigslist searching for  cheap additions to our porch. There wasn't a whole lot but I wasn't discouraged; there are always thrift stores! 

I finally found some pieces I wanted and bought some spray paint to transform them into something new. Spray painting in the wind can be a real drag but I was determined to get this project moving! Wind be darned!

Spray paint is the best medium, probably ever. 


  1. I admire your craftiness. The balcony looks nice.

    1. Thanks! I'm having fun with it :)

  2. Amazing Balcony...and its bistro..!!