17 April, 2012

balcony bistro part ii

I've decided to give my green thumb a go. I've never grown anything before but if my mom's gardens are any indication I should be a natural. I'm not holding my breath. 

I went with flower seeds because a) they're cheaper and b) if they die see 'a.' However I did cave in and buy two plants for the red pot so that I would have something pretty to look at while I waited to see if my seed sowing was effective. 

I'm thinking about getting a tree as well. Maybe some kind of produce tree. They say (those reliable sources I found on the internets) that I could easily grow a small tree in a pot. An olive tree perhaps, or maybe an avocado tree. My sources tell me these are excellent choices to grow in a container. 

For now I've stuck with flowers. I'll keep you updated on their progress (if there is any), but so far those white ones have not died and in fact two of the buds blossomed since I brought it home. 

Rachel 1 - Plants 1 
(I think their survival is a win-win). 

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