13 July, 2012

It's surprising how much excitement a table brings me.

It's funny because just the other day I was talking to my sewing guru, Mrs. Dent. We discussed the projects she was working on and the fabric I had just bought. And we laughed about the fact that I didn't have a sewing area.

My sewing machine stays stored in our office/guest room until I pull it out and place it on either our coffee table or dining table and work away at a make-shift station.

A couple weeks ago I saw this beautiful table at my favorite antique/resale store. I fell in love instantly. I mean, it has a 36" ruler carved into the wood! But one look at the price tag and I walked away. It's not that it was extraordinarily priced - it was, after all, a lovely table - it's just that I couldn't really justify the purchase.

For one thing, where would it go?

So I went home. And for the next three weeks I thought about that table and where it could go and how I would use it and how my sewing machine would love it.

Yesterday I decided that enough was enough. I had just received the store's monthly newsletter with a 10% off coupon. So I figured, I would call them and see if it was still there (things move so quickly in their store, I thought for sure it would be gone).

I left a message before work asking them about the table and then for the next 3 hours I got really anxious. I just knew that someone had snatched it up. When I got off there were no missed calls which in my mind immediately meant that it was gone.

But I drove by the shop anyway. Just to see. I walked in and was called over by the owner who was eating her lunch. I told her I called earlier and that I was sure it wasn't there but I just stopped by to check if it was...

"Oh it IS, dear!" She said. "A woman just walked out of here with measurements of it to see if it would work for what she needed. But I asked her if she wanted me to put it on hold for her and she said no that she would just come back at another time..."

"I'll take it." I jumped in quickly. "I've been thinking about that table for weeks!"

I managed to get that thing in my little Cavalier and off we went. I then spent the next 3 hours rearranging our bedroom so that I would have a place to put it.

I couldn't be happier with it. I can't wait to start sewing our new quilt.

Happy Friday!


  1. It is a cute table. Are you considering refinishing the wood or do you like the rustic look? I think it's great either way, and I love that it has a ruler carved into it.


    1. I like the way it looks for now - it's got some character :)