07 March, 2013


We made it!

We woke up early yesterday to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon; it was magnificent.

Then we packed up our contraband cats (they weren't supposed to be in the cabin) and started the eight hour drive to Irvine, CA.

Dan's cousin Sam and his girlfriend Gianna live there. It was so fun to stay the night with them as I haven't seen them in a couple years! Plus, we had Indian food. Win.

Did you see I had In-n-Out? Oh yes. WITH a neapolitan milkshake. Good to the last drop.

So, in conclusion, yesterday we drove and I ate food. Scintillating, no?


  1. WELCOME HOME!!! So glad you guys stopped by to see us and that you enjoyed the dinner :-)

  2. Wave at Hannah while you're in Irvine!!!!! See you soon!