06 March, 2013

There is no Arizona

Does anyone else remember Jamie O'neal? I've been singing that song in my head ever since we passed the border. Ah, country music. It's so fitting in this part of the US.

We hit up four corners yesterday. I WAS IN FOUR STATES AT ONCE. I chatted with a native woman who was selling some trinkets. She was really nice and I purchased a rock that she had painted. 

Immediately after we turned out of the monument I was like, wait, I just bought a rock. Whatever, it had cool drawings on it.

Then, THEN, we drove to the Grand Canyon. I had never been.

It was incredible. There are no words to describe how beautiful it was. I couldn't stop taking pictures and none of them do it justice.

We stayed in a little cabin on the south rin. We could see the canyon from our window (along with the construction materials that were all around)! It was so cool.

We walked straight from our cabin to a trail and walked a bit of the rim. We had dinner at the lodge restaurant and then hung out at the cocktail lounge and listened to a duo while we drank some beer.

It was such a good day!

Now we're heading into California and visiting some family in So Cal before we head up to the bay.

California, here we come right back where we started from.


  1. ...no painted desert, no Sedona. If there was a Grand Canyon she could fill it up with the lies he's told her...but they don't exist those dreams he's sold her...


    1. Jaime O'neal for the win! ;)

    2. I had no idea you were a country fan! People always make fun of me for listening to country music :)