24 August, 2013

Welcome to Law School

Here are the big (and maybe not so big) events of my first week in law school:

1. Classes started and, to my surprise, were not that scary. At least on the first day. On the first day classes were not that scary. Fast forward to the fifth day (see below) and things get all horror-movie.

2. I've made friends. Law school friends. They are pretty normal and they let me hang out with them so it's a great thing we've got going so far. 

3. I've made enemies. A girl cussed me out over a seat - a seat - in our contracts class. It went something like this: 
     (context: this was the day seat charts were being made and this teacher is quiet so everyone wanted           
     seats towards the front and many - many - people were saving a seat (or four!) for their friends if 
     they got there first. So I was saving a seat for my new friend [see above])
     Girl with two friends who all want to sit together (GWTFWAWTST): Are you coming or 
      going? (said snottily)
     Me: I'm staying for class... this seat is for my friend. 
     GWTFWAWTST: (after looking hard at me for a few seconds) Well, that's some bullshit! I guess     
      I'll just find another seat then! 
     (GWTFWAWTST takes her stuff and huffs away)
Eventually things transpired so that she could have the seat and I moved far far away but I was just blown away. I mean, even if that alone had caused me to give up the seat so she could take it, she would have had to sit next to me for the rest of the semester. Me - the stranger she swore at over a seat. It's annoying, too, because she doesn't seem like a mean person but now I'll forever know her as the girl who yelled at me on the fourth day of law school.

4. I got cold called in the first week of school. Here I am, it's Friday, I'm so happy that this is my last class of my first week of law school. I had made it. The weekend was here and I was ready for it (I was ready for it on Thursday but they didn't care). We're sitting through a lecture on what can possibly nullify a contract even if both parties signed. It's almost over. There are 13 minutes left in class and then I hear, "Who are the parties in this case, Ms. Herrington?"

I never knew I could sweat so much so quickly. I cursed myself for a moment thinking, why didn't I change my name when I got married?! #feministfail 

It felt like time stopped and here I am getting four or five questions in a row, all of them relatively easy if your brain hadn't turned to mush and your notes didn't seem to contain any of the information the professor finds so pertinent. 

I maybe cried over it a bit last night (after I was well away from the school in the comfort of my own home of course), but it's over - my first socratic method experience. I didn't get kicked out of class, I didn't completely bomb, and the girl after me did just as terribly as I did. 

5. Dan and I ride the train in every morning together which I love. We haven't mastered the ride back at the same time yet because our schedules don't always coincide at the end of the day. It's nice though, we get up, prepare for our day, pack up our stuff, and then walk down to the station, hop on a train and talk the whole way in. 

So, all in all it's not been a terrible week. I survived it. I'm really enjoying reading the cases and learning about the law so if that's not confirmation that I should be here than I don't know what is. I just need to get my footing and find a groove. 

Welcome to law school. 

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