16 October, 2014

plaid days

Somedays, not all days mind you, but some days I'm like, "Damn, self. You look good!" This was one of those days so of course I yelled, "Dan, quick! Come take a picture!" And he obliges because he's nice like that. But seriously, Gap is on its game with this dress. The skirt is lined, it's plaid, it has buttons and pockets. There is not much more this girl wants in a dress.

I bought black booties. I just did it. ASOS was having a mega sale and I couldn't help myself. To be fair, because I do a lot of my shopping online these days and because it is really easy to just click and buy, I generally make myself wait like 2-4 days from finding the item I want to actually purchasing. My rule of thumb is, if I still want to spend that money in 4 days then I can get it. It may seem trivial, like, duh, you put it in your cart you want it. But it's surprising what a few days of thinking can do. Long story short: I bought these booties. The brown heel. Swoon.

One of my favorite things about booties is that when I put them on I always sing "Big booty" which is like this really dumb game/song that I learned from years and years of church summer camps. I usually do a little booty dance and Dan laughs at me or rolls his eyes depending on how in the way I am in the booty-dancing process (getting ready in the morning is serious business, people!).

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