18 November, 2014

Meet the fosters



We'd been talking about it for a while. Whenever we'd see the kitties at Petsmart I'd implore Dan to let me have just one more. He never budged. Two cats are his limit. 

Well, two permanent cats are his limit. 

One day, while we were admiring this really adorable white, 8-week old kitten, Dan said "Maybe we could foster. Then you'll get your kitten-fix in."

Be still my man-holding-cats-loving heart.

We had a bunch of big trips back to CA on the books so we couldn't start the second we wanted to, but here we are. We've done two rotations and right now we have 21-week kitten siblings! Ugh. I don't ever want to leave the house. THEY ARE TOO FUN!!

Athena hates them and Houston is apathetic. Which pretty much sums up their personalities in a nutshell (hideous bitch and crotchety old man). 

The first night they were here, I felt kinda bad for Athena so I stoically told Dan, "Athena should sleep in our room tonight, we'll lock the cats out. She probably feels like we're replacing her."

"That's a pretty complex though process for a cat, but sure." Dan replied. 

So that's what we did. We said goodnight to the kitties and Houston and left them to their own devices as we shuffled off to bed. Within minutes we hear mews at the door. Mews after mews. 

"Dan. Dan, I can't. Oh my god. They need me. I'm letting them in." I say. Pitiful. They didn't even cry for one whole minute before I rescued them (don't worry, I'm sure sleep-training with a kid will be much easier for me).

They come rushing in and jump into bed. Athena hisses and runs away -- I felt bad for her but only for a second because then Loni -- sweet, little Loni -- comes right up to my face and curls up into my chest and purrs. Loudly. Just content to be right next to me. 

I wish I could explain my reaction. It was like when Kristin Bell got a sloth. You guys, I was hysterical. But quiet, whispering, creepy as fuck hysterical. If I were Dan I would've left the room and ran for my life. 

"Oh my god. Oh my good. This is my life right now. I am in heaven. This is my life. I can't even breath. He's just right here. I love him so much. Oh my god." I am whispering maniacally and fervently here. Ugh. Man, it was so freaking weird. I couldn't stop it. I was literally on cloud nine. There might have been some involuntary tears. Right?! I mean, what? 

My cats never cuddle with me. And Athena bites or scratches me when I pet her too long. But these kittehs -- they just love us. Lindy even camped out on Dan's neck, like a cat scarf, for about thirty minutes. 

The excitement wore off throughout the night when they woke up every. hour. We got very little sleep. So, while I love cuddling, they sleep in the living room from now on. They also don't cry at the door anymore -- which is good because my heart probably couldn't take it. 

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  1. KITTEEENNNSSS!!!!!!!!!! Last night on my way home from improv I saw a sign that i thought said KITTEN FAIR and I got so, so, SO excited...but it actually said KITCHEN FAIR. Not nearly as exciting.