19 May, 2015

Round deux

The thing about Whole30 is that, no matter how good, how incredibly seasoned my taco filling piled on top of a bed of lettuce is, I still want to slather it in grated cheddar cheese and sour cream. (Daisy, duh. Sour cream standards.)

Alas, here I am doing a second round of Whole30 and, while it is so much easier this time around, I already hate it. I WANT CHEESE. 

Also, I started last Monday and already cheated. I know, I KNOW, but I was attacked by a bird on my Friday morning walk to work. Yep, a freaking bird. I was just walkin along, minding by own business when I heard this terrible screeching and I saw wings flapping, to my left, out of the corner of my eye. It grabbed my shoulder with its claws - I was wearing a sweater, thank God, or else I would've gone straight to the nearest doctor to be tested for rabies or bird flu. And it proceeded to follow me for about 5-10 feet, all the while the most horrible noise was blaring out of its tiny little beak. 

I, of course, reacted calmly screamed loudly and started running awkwardly in my work clothes and my huge purse. I'm sure people were like, what is wrong with that girl? And I was just over here like, no big deal, I just lived The Birds. Now I know why people found that movie so scary. 

Then, on my way to meet up with Dan and some friends, birds kept darting out of the bushes in front of me and I couldnt stop flinching and fearing that one of them would turn on me and pluck my eyes out.

All that to say, I deserved a glass of wine. But, be proud that I still declined the basket full of sourdough bread (literally, my favorite type of bread). I didn't count it against me and I don't think you should either because that's what friends do. Plus, my goal this time around isn't so much the vegetable consumption part, I pretty well stuck to that after the first round. My goal this time is to make sure I fit into a bridesmaid dress I bought about a month after the first round. The weight loss part of this program is real. Eff my life.

{another selfie: snooze, but does anyone else have a boob that is considerably larger than the other?}


  1. Not gonna lie, the image I had in my head was you running away from a little robin bird and I laughed pretty hard.

  2. Ya, that's probably what it was, too! I mean, it looked large out of the corner of my eye, but I wasn't about to turn around and give it a shot at my eyes so I could confirm, hahaha. :)