10 October, 2010

and we're back

Dan graduated from the Naval Justice School on Friday morning -- it was the shortest and most pleasant military event I've been to to date! They were sworn in and Dan was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He looks so good in his uniform! 

We had packed everything in the truck the night before so after the ceremony we jetted to the car and got on the road. The trip is a 13+ hour drive without traffic, but seeing as we were going to pass through NY and DC we were expecting traffic somewhere on route. We wanted to make the whole trip in one big drive, we just couldn't stand the idea of sleeping in another hotel room. Dan accomplished it like a pro. It was a long drive and we didn't get home until about 12:30 am (that's about 15 hours in the car). We made it home and crashed pretty hard. But when we woke up in our apartment the next morning, it was alll worth it. 

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  1. so handsome! you're the cutest military wife there ever was. i'm happy you made it home ok :)