11 December, 2012

To remember the moments.

Sometimes I wish I kept a real journal so I could document times like this past weekend. There's nothing really stopping me from journaling except I never remember and then it's just sporadic entries that have no relation to each other.

I want to remember the weekend for the rest of my life. It was nothing extraordinary. We didn't go anywhere or do anything in particular. In fact, we cancelled on plans because I was too tired (tired from what is what I would like to know). It was just us.

It's funny, too, because Friday night I wouldn't have thought the weekend was going to be good. I went to bed pissy over a stupid and insignificant thing. Sometimes I get annoyed with him (and usually I blow it out of proportion). So obviously, if Friday was a bust the rest of the weekend would be, too. Right?

Nope. I came home from work Saturday and we cleaned up the apartment a bit - so glamorous - and I worked on some quilt stuff while he put out some more job applications. For the rest of the weekend we just lounged around the house. Made some drinks, enjoyed each other, watched a movie or two. We got romantic with some candles and music. We decorated the Christmas tree. We talked for hours about   politics, life, future plans, religion, and family. We took advantage of the 70° weather and rode our bikes at the park.

It might all sound unexciting and simple but I just enjoy being with that guy and I enjoyed this weekend. I want to remember these moments because things are good for us now. Things have been good for us for the past two years. Sure, we argue sometimes and annoy each other but for the most part it's been a smooth ride.

I guess I've been scared for the future lately - I need to stop worrying about things that aren't here yet - I've been wondering how relationships go bad and if there is anything I can do to prevent it. I haven't come up with any answers yet so for now I just want to store away these moments because if (when) the harder times come I want to remember this weekend and know what we're fighting for.

I love him. And that's pretty much all I wanted to say.


  1. "I've been wondering how relationships go bad and if there is anything I can do to prevent it."

    You know what I think? Marriage isn't about the perfect orchestrated times... expensive dinners out or coordinated outfits or staged portraits or anything in the public eye. Nor is marriage the future, all that worry and stress and making plans that keep getting thwarted.

    Marriage is the present. It's everything that happens between your four walls... just as it happens. Private. The easily irritated times. The stressful times. The sand in your shoes. The unlikely kiss that tempers a fight. The finishing each other's sentences. Falling asleep holding hands.

    And when you take the time to breathe and acknowledge those moments as they happen, the way you've done here, you're reinforcing the foundation of your marriage. Forgiveness. Appreciation. Patience. Kindness. Living presently together. Keep up the good work, darlin'.

    1. Good thoughts, Aud. Skype soon? I miss you terribly :)