08 March, 2011

grease monkeys

We were trying to show you how dirty our hands got.
Dan works on cars. And he likes it. Both of our car's brakes are pretty bad, unfortunately mine will need to see a doctor, but the Dan's truck was Dan-fixable, so last night when he got home we set to work in the parking lot. Being the super helpful person that I am, I brought beer and goldfish -- because working on cars makes you thirsty and hungry. Dan did most the work and I played Scrabble Blast! and said really helpful things like: "I think that goes there" and "You're really hot." I think he appreciated it. Then he put me to work and I had to hand him things and use a can to catch brake fluid, which led to a lesson on hydraulic power, or something like that. My hands got dirty (because I work on cars), and I'm pretty sure we set an all time record for replacing brake pads: less than 1 hour. What a team we make. Burkharts are winners.


  1. I love this. Mark makes me work on his truck too! And I've learned all about breaks and bleeding them and all those fun things. AND Mark has a Ranger too! He calls it the Danger-Ranger. We should be friends. :)

  2. Wendy!! I love danger-ranger! that is awesome. WHy don't we live near each other and the guys can work on the cars and we can eat goldfish!